Over winter break, 23 students from the Baptist Campus Ministry at WKU took the 1,000-mile trek to Denver, CO. We spent time working with a homeless ministry called movement 5280 and Cypress Community Church which is a start-up church within the city. The rates of the unchurched, or numbers of individuals unengaged with the gospel are comparable to that of an unreached people group. The people that these students were able to talk to were not only encouraged but were able to interact with a community that had boundless compassion for them.

Jesus was active and thriving through this trip and because of that mountains were moved in the lives of the students. Coming back, these students have a new mindset on how to engage in ministry on their campus. Some students came back to openness towards serving somewhere this summer, long-term ministry after college, and most importantly intentionality wherever they are placed on a daily basis.

To most, Denver sounds to most like just a place somewhere in the US. That’s because it is just a place, a place full of hurting, broken, lost people. As is Bowling Green, KY, Cairo, Egypt, Nashville, TN, and in the mountains of West Nepal. The mission of the spread of the gospel didn’t begin the day we loaded up 4 mini-vans and drove 16 hours across the US, and it indeed didn’t end when we stepped back on WKU’s campus. The spread of the gospel and the mission of Jesus Christ is a lifelong mission. This is just the igniting of that truth.

Check out the video below!


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