Over winter break, 23 students from the Baptist Campus Ministry at WKU took the 1,000-mile trek to Denver, CO. We spent time working with a homeless ministry called movement 5280 and Cypress Community Church which is a start-up church within the city. The rates of the unchurched, or numbers of individuals unengaged with the gospel are comparable to that of an unreached people group. The people that these students were able to talk to were not only encouraged but were able to interact with a community that had boundless compassion for them.

Jesus was active and thriving through this trip and because of that mountains were moved in the lives of the students. Coming back, these students have a new mindset on how to engage in ministry on their campus. Some students came back to openness towards serving somewhere this summer, long-term ministry after college, and most importantly intentionality wherever they are placed on a daily basis.

To most, Denver sounds to most like just a place somewhere in the US. That’s because it is just a place, a place full of hurting, broken, lost people. As is Bowling Green, KY, Cairo, Egypt, Nashville, TN, and in the mountains of West Nepal. The mission of the spread of the gospel didn’t begin the day we loaded up 4 mini-vans and drove 16 hours across the US, and it indeed didn’t end when we stepped back on WKU’s campus. The spread of the gospel and the mission of Jesus Christ is a lifelong mission. This is just the igniting of that truth.

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Summer with ELIC

Location: East Asia

Dates: tentatively July 9 to August 13, 2018 (5 weeks)

Cost: $4000-$4,300

Deposit: $100 by Nov. 1

Ministry: One week of training, four weeks of ministry. Practice English, build relationships and share life. Help with conversational English and assist with English instruction. Utilize sports/rec games and cultures to build relationships to share your faith.

Contact Sarah Strong or BCM staff


In all my years of college experience, few things are as bright as my reflecting on my BCM experience. The people there took me in during one of the hardest times in my life. The investment they made in me shaped who I am today and how I give back to others. I will forever be thankful for those people who taught me that Jesus is most definitely better.

– Rachel, Class of 2017


God is continually revealing to me how much room for growth remains in my walk with Christ but also how faithful He is to finish the work that He has started in me. My inadequacies are many, but we serve a God who is more than sufficient to cover them. How incredible it is that He chooses to use redeemed sinners like us to make His name great among the nations and on our campus.

– Madeline, Class of 2020


I accepted Christ at a young age, but God has used college to grow me in the faith and to teach me more about living life on mission.  God has used the Christ-centered friendships I’ve made through the BCM to encourage me to continue living for and leaning on Him through this season of life changes and waiting.

– Taylor, Class of 2020


College is a place where you begin to make your own decisions about your future and they can drastically change where you end up in life. This is why I strive to pursue a life that follows Christ and without the BCM I don’t know where I would be today in my walk with him. I have come to realize that no matter how hard I try to have a perfect walk with Christ I will never achieve that, but when I do fall down I will always have someone at the BCM to help pick me back up and remind me I serve a just, yet forgiving God.

– Easton, Class of 2020