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D Groups 

D groups are small groups of three to five guys or girls who meet weekly to dig into God’s word, share what is going on in their lives, and pray for one another. D groups meet at various times based on the schedules of group members.


Find a Church

We can help you connect with a local church in our community.


Special Events


Ministry with a NAMB Church Plant

Dates: January 10-17th

Location: Denver, CO

Cost: $200 (by Oct. 10)

$225 (after Oct. 10)

Deposit: $50 due Oct. 10



Beach Reach Spring Break Mission Trip 

Dates: March 9-16th

Location: Panama City, FL

Cost: $350 (by Dec. 1)

$400 (after Dec. 1)

Deposit: $50 due Dec. 1

Ministry: Engage in intentional gospel conversations with spring breakers through van rides, street teams, and pancakes. We will serve alongside other collegiate ministries from Kentucky and U.S. while staying at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. Students will also have nights of worship and prayer preparing for ministry.



Conversational English in China

Dates: Last week of June – all of July (5 weeks)

Cost: $4,300

Deposit: $100 by Nov. 1

Ministry: One week of training, four weeks of ministry. Practice English, build relationships and share life. Help with conversational English and assist with English instruction. Utilize sports/rec games and cultures to build relationships to share your faith.