Parking Policies

In order to provide a safe and orderly parking environment for everyone at the BCM, open parking in all BCM lots will cease August 13, 2018. Parking at the BCM will then be limited to BCM use only.

  • One courtesy notice will be given before towing.
  • Towing will apply even to cars of BCM members who do not uphold the policies.
  • Double parking, or parking in a way that blocks in other cars, is prohibited.
  • Sometimes parking spaces will be blocked off for a guest by orange cones. Moving cones is prohibited and will result in towing without additional notice.
  • Occasionally the entire parking lot will be blocked off for a special event such as the Church Fair or Senior Sendoff. During such times, all BCM members will be asked to find parking elsewhere.
  • Responsibility, integrity, and courtesy are expected of everyone.


  • For: staff, residents, and leadership team members who qualify.
    • Only Leadership Team members who live off campus.
    • The number of Leadership Team members who qualify will be based on seniority (the number of academic hours completed at the end of the 2018 spring semester).
  • When: park any time
  • Cost: $100 per year (must be paid in full before permit is issued)
  • Valid: August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019
  • Number: 28 total (main side lot, back lot, and gravel lot)
  • Obtain from Tommy Johnson or Amy Willingham


  • For: all BCM students who do not qualify for a Red permit
  • Limitations
    • Monday through Friday: between 5 PM and midnight (like a night permit)
    • Saturday and Sunday: all day
  • Cost: $10 per year (must be paid in full before permit is received)
  • Valid: August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019
  • Obtain from any staff member


  • For: campus visitors
  • Limitations: guest pass; must be obtained from staff


  • For: church leaders
  • Limitations: may park at BCM any time (our ministry is sponsored by Kentucky Baptist churches)

(Staff: enter violations here)