Find a Church

Looking for a church where you can worship and serve during your time in Bowling Green? Here is our (not comprehensive) list of recommendations.

Encourage Your Professor!

Did you know that there are Christian professors at WKU? Many of them have identified as Christian by allowing their names to be published as members of the Christian Faculty & Staff Fellowship in various school publications. Take a moment to tell them that you support their public commitment to Christ!

  1. Look over the list of names here and see if you know any of the faculty and staff.
  2. Pray for them by name.
  3. Write a personal note telling them you are grateful for their witness as a Christian. Emails are OK, but handwritten notes are best!
  4. Remember that you are also witnessing for Christ as you study and complete your assignments. Make every effort to work hard and be diligent in your studies!


Don’t have enough reading to do already? Check out some of the resources recommended by our staff.